About Us

The company MD ProductionTechnology Pty. Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Markus Doll.

It goes back to 1979 when Markus began his apprenticeship and later working as a technician in manufacturing engineering at precision tool manufacturer Walter AG, Tuebingen Germany.

After finishing further studies of manufacturing technologies with the degree of a certified engineer in 1990, he worked as application engineer for the precision tool companies August Beck GmbH and Seco Tools GmbH in a customer base from large automotive producers to the smallest general engineering companies in Germany and parts of Europe. The main focus of these positions was to improve customer's productivity by giving the best possible support of skills, knowledge and the right tool for the job.

In 2004 he moved to Australia and started working at Sandvik Coromant in application engineering and sales.

Through the broad knowledge achieved by a good combination of professional training and work experience he saw the need of brand independent support in the more and more complicated and specified world of manufacturing and metal cutting technology.

Since starting his own business in 2005 Markus has selected a range of the world's best tooling companies in specified areas. Depending upon the requirements of the customer Markus has the possibility to pick the best suitable tool for the job or he may only be suppling the knowledge and information for improvements.

The main focus for MD ProductionTechnology is to strengthen the customer's competitiveness!