MD Production Technology can offer you a unique range of services.

Rent an application engineer

We can help a manufacturer with application support on location if the supplier can not service the area or it is not economical to do so.

Manufacturer Independent Application Support

Improving the productivity with your already existing tools.

Often in a modern application there are tools from different suppliers in use. If you want to improve something, or are having problems, it may be possible that one supplier puts the blame for problems on one of the other suppliers. You may end up running around in circles, not knowing who to believe as everyone wants to sell his companies tools. We can be called in as a fully independant consultant to target and fix the problems irrespective of who the tool suppliers are. And we will always try to do this with your existing tools if you wish.

Productivity Improvement

Time managemant studies, cost analysis, quality and quantaty improvement, contacting or supervising your current supplier.

Project work for Future Jobs

Managing the quoting process of new tooling with suppliers of your choise. Highlighting the differences in the quotes.

Import Service

Handling and support from the first contact up to producing parts with tooling from suppliers of your choice