MD ProductionTechnology Pty. Ltd. can supply you with high quality pecision tools to suit your application at a very competitive price. See the links for examples of suppliers of each product!

Cutting Tools for:

Holding Tools for:

Special Tools

Cutting tools designed and made for your needs, tool holders to suit your application


To hold your part in the machine.

Gauges to measure your product

Thread gauge, ring gauge, plug gauge for your thread and custom built solutions to measure and document your product

Gauges to measure the machine spindle or tool holder:

Gauge bar for your machine spindle - Link 1 - Link 2

Shrink Machines

To shrink fit tool with tool holder - Link 1 - Link 2

Balancing Machines

Balance your part or tool statically or dynamically - Link

Tool Presetter

Measure your tooling ready to use on your CNC machine - Link

CNC Probes

Setting up your reference points at the job - Link